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Originally Posted by purplewidow View Post
wow you must know nothing about games or you are not into FPS'...nevertheless bioshockl recieved a meta score of 96 the ONLY games to have achieved that feat is Half life and half life has things in it that have NEVER before been put into a game!!!!!
TRY, just TRY to tell me it does not follow the format, kill randoms, trigger, kill wave, kill randoms, trigger kill wave that format is like the Britney spears of FPS

yes its a nice game, but its rather predictable in that sense

i do admit it scares the shit out of me often though , thats the one benefit to it being 100% scripted

beyond that though its more of an eye candy adventure game in first person

oh, and i have played FPS since duke nukem and doom, so i think i just might no a thing or two about them, i wonder if you have even been in dos before?