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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Does anyone know if 911s come with the 4 years free service deal BMWs come with?

Nope I dont think anyone but Bmw has this..

You looking at porsche too?

My husband (more his idea) and I are looking at the 911 c2s, Tho it is a great deal more than the M3, my whole point was to look for a comfortable/performance car which I could keep for a long while (just really hate buying cars..) and porsche speaks for itself. Not to mention they are for sale right now.

The M3 wait is soo long.. Mabey even longer for me ,not even in top 5 for my 2 deposits (I was looking for a new car since mid 06 :mad but to wait another year and after reading the 335 board for nearly a year and some experiences from friends etc.. bmw's dont sound all that reliable, 1st year bugs more likely but still..

Thats why Im in contact with several Porsche dealers recommended by some folks over at Rennlist and my porsche crazy brother looking into a C2s.

Anywho thats my pick in case the m3 is too expensive, I know Im kinda going in the wrong direction pricewise... But I look at it like this. Its what you get for your money that counts and 65k-70k+ base is too much for a M3 imo. In reality tho Its more the long wait than anything else. So Im gonna wait till october, I need a new ride asap!!

Where is the us price/release info? come on bmw!!