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Originally Posted by mikeditka View Post
I wanted to start a thread on this...but I guess I'm too new...sorry if slight hijack...

but, has anyone just gone to a really reputable exhaust shop (with a mandrel bend) and had them make an x-pipe or straight pipe? You could give them the specs (as far as diameter)...anyone?

Basically, I have owned two Cobras and am now looking to buy an e92 instead of a '11 GT500...

But, I seriously just can not fathom $2,300 for an x-pipe (I think it was AA...could be wrong)....over 2 GRAND?! for some metal piping? Then, I checked out the Turner test pipes...still, $400 for essentially two small sections of straight pipe?!

I fully expect a "well it's not a Mustang" type response. I fully realize what I'm dealing with here. But, this isn't suspension or even a tune. I don't care how much money I make this year...How can anyone live with themselves after paying $2,300 for a simple x-pipe?

What am I missing here?
What's the big down-side to just getting a custom straight pipe and/or x-pipe?
Do people really pay $2k+ for an x-pipe?

Thanks for any help, I want to get into M3's...but if this is standard I may just stay away
FYI there are some inexpensive alternatives out there, such as the so called ebay brands. Search online for Speed Daddy or TopSpeed, they both have full x-pipe upgrades for under $600. Also in the Mid-Range, borla has a quad resonated x-pipe for around $1200. Many have gone the custom route also, which should produce similar gains but of course depends on the quality of the fabrication. The OEM xpipe is said to be built pretty well, so if you don't mind hacking it up, you could have a shop replace the cats with straight pipe or resonators and achieve good results.

I'm in the same boat at the moment looking for a simple inexpensive x-pipe solution...I'm leaning toward test pipes to replace the primaries only, since a full catless x-pipe may be a little loud for my taste.