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Since IIRC BMW has already said Flexray will not be fully implemented until the new 7er is released, this means that the Flexray implementation in the M3 will not be a complete replacement for conventional systems. I think some of you are drastically overestimating the impact, if any, it will actually have. Scott26 would be pleased.

SMG already shifts in miliseconds in its fastest mode. M has so far rejected active steering because it dilutes steering feel.

BMW and M are known for tuning a car's chassis and suspension so it handles well WITHOUT DSC or other systems. BMW does not build cars such as the Z06 that (according to what I have read -- I have not driven one) are almost unmanageable on the track unless DSC or other electronic safety nets are on.

Come on guys, changing the tires from Contis to PS2s will probably have more of an impact on the performance of the car than Flexray.

Would you rather have a 3600 lb car with 440 hp and well-tuned conventional systems or a 3575 lb car with 415 hp and Flexray?