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Originally Posted by ILC32 View Post
I can understand that Flexray may mean quicker responsiveness for DSC intervention, or adaptive suspension adjustment. But it seems that we are talking differences of fractions of a second between Flexray and non-Flexray implementations. Does shaving microseconds off of the electronic communication between car systems really make an M a better car than competitors in its segment? Does Flexray make an M a better performance car than one without Flexray but with 10% more power and well-tuned conventional systems?
Great point. Maybe it is also some synergy between DSC, adaptive suspension, ABS and even SMG. Perhaps with synergy and faster communication the whole will be much greater than the sum of its parts. However, I am still a skeptic at heart. Electronics have helped modern sports cars (all cars even) tremendously but nothing contributes to performance more than hp, weight loss, rpms, big rubber, big brakes and SMG :rocks: