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Nice work Pete!

Originally Posted by replicat View Post
Hey guys I thought I'd share this with you. I spoke to Jim Anill who is the Head of BMW Service Tech Training for BMWNA (He was at a presentation at my school last week) And alot of people were bomarbding him with questions, but I manage to get a couple answered and one of the few he confirmed was M dynamics, and that it does exist.
He said that one of his colleauges is going to Germany Next month to test out the New M3 in it 99% production form!

I couldn't really get anymore question's from him, as a line of kids were raping him with questions, but I did overhear him say that the New M3 will obliterate the 335i. His quote was "there will be no comparison, it will be day and night"

Thats all.

However, I guess it is an oxymoron so say it is all rumors until we have specs. What I am much more interested in is "the meat rather than the bone"; what the heck is M dynamics exactly. I suspect improved DSC, improved ABS and adjustable suspension with perhaps some links between them from FlexRay. Did you get this in with any of your questions? Any others have some different/better ideas, rumors or speculation?