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Originally Posted by ///Metak View Post
I think you should buy an automatic Fit.
I'd like to (no auto, though), but my bride and I are trying out a relatively new strategy. Since my retirement (about eight years early according to the feds), we're trying to stick with a two-car strategy, as opposed to a three (or even four) car plan we implemented for many years. Thus, when I sold the SRT4 last year (wonderful track car), I haven't replaced it with another toy.

The Fit would be great for local errands, plus it can swallow a bunch of stuff from the Home Depot, etc., and the Dodge is great just for the sounds it makes, plus the sheer heft of the Cummins internals. But see, we're trying to stick to this two-car plan.

You know - as if we've actually matured or something.