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650 HP super car speed capable Mustang for less than $70k (without mark-up), what's not to like? That thing would be a hoot to drive I guarantee it. I used to say Vettes were my favorite American cars if I had to get one, but this specific Mustang is up there.

As for the whole "better than M3" debate, it's not about the Stang being better, it's just plain different IMO. If you have many cars, then it's great to add this GT500 to the collection. If you have 1-2 cars to do everything (M3 + SUV), then the M3 is hard to beat in that respect.

I'm very interested to see though where stang beats the M3 on track? I haven't seen numbers to back this up. For example, C63 Black Series couldn't beat our M3 GTS on the track and the Black Series is a beast too.

Lastly, there's a ton of M3 haters in here for a M3 forum-that's just hilarious . While I agree the M3 isn't a true sports car like a Ferrari is, it's certainly not a 328i with a big engine - come on now...that's really generalizing something apparently you don't know much about.

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