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Originally Posted by bholloway View Post
It's funny how so many M3 owners on here are such upper middle class elitests.People who work hard to buy a nice M3, but then start bashing everything else, even though they haven't driven or will probably ever have the means to drive or afford a real high end sports car. Yes I know that there are some people on this forum who own or have driven Ferraris, Porches, etc yet they seem to be the ones with the most balanced and realistic opinions. It's one thing to love your M3 as it is a great car, but theres no reason to bash on Mustangs, especially when most of the newer ones are faster than in M3 both in the straights and around the ring.

Some M3 owners (and most on this forum) have such a tendency to to look down on anything that's not a M3 which really doesn't make sense. The M3 is really just factory modded 3 series with a big engine...ok stop your bitching and let me explain (becasue I know that's what you're doing in your head). The M3 isn't designed to be a true performance car and thats the god damned truth. Is it a great sportscar... yes it absolutely is, but its not a car that was purely designed for performance the way a Porsche is, or the way a Ferrari is, or even a GT500. Its pretty fast, and good in turns, but it's not beating any true sportscar around a track. Its a jack of all trades and master of none.

Some M3 owners might concede this, and then point to how the M3 is more sophisticated and way more luxurious than any mustang or corvette could ever be and that's somewhat true. But again whats the price range for the M3. 40k at the low end used to around 80k new? The interior of your M3 isn't Bentley or Rolls Royce quality and its largely the same as any other BMW sedan. Sure the interface is clean and the leather is nice, but let's not fool ourselves by extolling the BMW interior and build quality because the leather thats in the M3 is the same thats in any 328i you see on the road.

The BMW M division has gone waaayyyyy downhill and no longer are they building true performance cars, but rather a car for a middle aged man to buy for around 50-60k to pretend he has an awesome car. And for that price it is. But no one who has 200k to spend on a car would look at an M3 over any other sports car. Its good for its price range, but lets leave it at that.
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And on topic... my dad just picked up a '13 GT500 a few weeks ago which I have already driven several times. Great car, feels/looks much better made than I expected. Handling is much improved with the Bilstein 2 mode adjustable suspension, I found it to be quite well behaved on normal roads and very responsive for its size/weight in sport mode. Not much needs to be said about the engine other than wow.