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Originally Posted by Blake View Post
...perhaps your team just got tired from fighting their way into the postseason and it's just exhaustion. that's what verlander looked like game 1 before the rain delay.


people often talk about teams peaking at the right time, and texas, for the second year in a row, is peaking at the perfect time.
Trust me, I do not intend to take anything away from the Rangers here. Not only are the Tigers sucking, but Texas is really motoring pretty hard. I agree that we exhausted ourselves, and Verlander's exhaustion was fueled by arguably selfish motives in combination with a manager who encouraged it. I will not try to act like it's no big deal to win a Cy Young, and I sure as shit couldn't do it, but I think that quest hurt the team overall. Nothing's more devastating than seeing your insanely dominant ace go out there and look like shit. He was almost too good in the regular season, so now when he's off, it's a stark contrast, and it seems like it put quite a dent in our confidence.

I think we peaked a bit early. That's probably also what tired us out. Guys were playing injured down the stretch because we were jockeying for home field when maybe it would have been a good idea to let them get healthy. Then again, who knows.

Obviously if I was a managerial genius, I would be doing that. I'm not. However, I just wonder what caused the team to go from playing lights out every day to this train wreck that now exists across the board.