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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
It's possible, but then again what about the fact that the season series was 6-3 in favor of Detroit and both teams made great pushes towards the end of the season?

I'll give you that the Rangers are the better postseason team. Too many choke artists and a manager who is probably medically losing his ability to reason in Detroit.

Down the stretch, the Tigers were the hottest team in baseball. This is probably mostly due to their AL Central heavy schedule during that time. However, immediately as the playoffs hit, they turned into the 2008 Detroit Lions. It's amazing we beat NY. I still don't know how.
sorry man, but the regular season is null and void anymore. the whole 'well we pwnd the series against you in the regular season' sounds like when i used to justify the cowboys getting whipped in the postseason. perhaps your team just got tired from fighting their way into the postseason and it's just exhaustion. that's what verlander looked like game 1 before the rain delay.

with respect to NY, that just looks like a team of excellent individuals. i watched the series and they just looked like they were going through the motions on their own. but i would expect nothing more from a team with many egos and not a defined leader. the cowboys have been doing that for over a decade.

i think a large reason to the rangers success is team chemistry. this group meshes well and has off the chart clutch play. nelly cruz will be the MVP of the postseason no matter the outcome. but also credit the texas bullpen. they've been lights out as well. people often talk about teams peaking at the right time, and texas, for the second year in a row, is peaking at the perfect time. i don't make wild championship predictions anymore, but i expect to see texas going a little bit farther than they did last year. hell, we've only lost 2 games in the postseason so far. all other teams in the postseason have lost at least that many in each series so far!