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No fight left in this dog. Just put him down so I can concentrate on the Lions and UofM football, and other stuff.

High stress games almost every night are detrimental to my health.

Avila? All Star? FUCK HIM. He's what? 2-for-thirtysomething with half his at bats resulting in K's during the playoffs? Can't throw a runner out to save his life. What a joke.

Also, good thing we went ahead and wore JV out so he could lock in the Cy Young and triple crown. Way to go guys. Now we're paying for it, and I fully expect to see the crappy JV on the mound again for Game 5. We've got no chance.

...and what do we do if we're up by one in the ninth? Bring Valverde in? Good thing we tired him out by throwing all those pitches in a non-save situation, where HE WAS CONSISTENTLY TERRIBLE THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE SEASON. I rather would have seen Penny out there at that point. At least it would save our closer a bit and keep them from getting so used to seeing his pitches.... I wouldn't be surprised if he finally ends up with his first BS if the opportunity arises.

WTF Leyland.

And V-Mart? Well I don't know what to say about that guy. He's somewhat producing the last couple days, but he was a guy who used to win games for us from the plate. He's a far cry from that right now. Yeah, he's hurt, but a lot of people are hurt right now at this time of year. Either man up and play through the pain, or if the pain is too much (we're all human), get someone healthy in your spot.