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Originally Posted by gonzo View Post
I absolutely agree.

How we beat NYY with all of our big guys (both pitching and hitting) completely asleep is beyond me. The only guys who have met or exceeded expectations are a couple normally shitty relievers and our role players.

That being said, if you would have showed me the combined playoff stats for Verlander, Martinez, Cabrera, Avila, Peralta, Fister, and Alburquerque as they stand right now, without cluing me in on what the situation is, I would have guessed we got swept out of the first round. our top hitters so far are Ordonez, Raburn, Kelly, Inge, and Santiago. WTF. Our best starting pitcher so far has been Scherzer. Again, WTF.

It's AMAZING all these guys can suck this badly so far, and we've still got a shot. It's a long shot, but still.... The loss of Ordonez is a big one. Also Boesch. And Young is playing hurt.... Jackson can't seem to do anything but strike out.... Our OF is pretty sad right now.