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Originally Posted by samma155 View Post

I agree with you 100%. I been following the sport as well and it keeps on getting boring every season because of all the constrictions. What happen to let the best and most powerful car win? I feel like F1 is become a dying sport, I lost a lot of interest especially when BMW left. No wonder Ferrari is contemplating on leaving too.
This past season was the closest in history, it had some of the best racing and story lines in the last 20 years.

I can't even believe a true fan of F1 would say it's getting more boring, did you watch at all between 2000-2005? The season was over at the first corner, just MS walking away with the title again. How is that fun to watch?

Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
i lost interest when Senna died...
17 years ago. Get over it. Besides if you're truly a senna fan you'd think you would have some interest in watching his nephew start his f1 career.

Originally Posted by erhanh View Post
I lost interested when Schumi left. I was actually finding it pretty boring even at those times, but just watching to not miss out a legend of our times. I watched like 5-6 races when he came back, but God it was so boring (and Schumi sucked a lot) that I couldn't watch any longer. I might try watching again with the new season.

Engine stuff is one thing, I'm more upset about the stupid fuel requirements (no fuel pit). Also the aerodynamic setups killing the overtakes... So where's the fun?
That's what happens when you only watch for one driver, im sure you'll be around next year when he is in a competitive car, although he still might be getting his face kicked in by his teammate.

Originally Posted by Edward View Post

In 2010, there were 19 races, 19 qualifying days, and 38 practice days. Each team cannot use more than eight engines per season without penalties. I don't know what more to say here.

And did anyone in this thread even watch the 2010 season? It was the closest championship points race in the sport's history. At many points in the season there were four former world champs gunning for another title (Schumacher, Alonso, Button, Hamilton) on top of two of the top contenders, Webber and Vettel. Even the last race could have resulted in any of four of the top placers winning the season.
Though decades ago, balls to the wall driving was more fun to watch, the fact that pit strategy plays into results more these days shouldn't take away from F1 being a competitive sport. The only thing I wish for is a smaller divide between the tier one and tier two teams. I'd love to see HRT or Torro Rosso come up and challenge the big guys like Ferrari, McLaren, Renault, Red Bull.
I know, I can't believe any true f1 fan couldn't be in awe over this past season.

Besides anyone who knows anything about current f1 knows that engines don't really mean that much, the aero is really what separates the front runners from the back markers.

Besides turbo 4's have just as much a place in F1 history as NA v12's, and even more so that v8's or v10's.
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