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Yes. We've discussed this a number of times in the past with the new McLaren engine being the perfect real world example (albeit in a much more expensive car).

Regarding the F1 engine, like I said in another thread, the move to an I4 is dumb. They are only losing 0.6L of displacement and that could have been achieved with the V8. Now all the teams are forced to start with a completely new engine altogether, losing all investment in the V8. The F1's rationale: they want the race motors to be more similar to those in passenger cars used throughout the world. Well, sure guys, if you just go by cylinder count, then I suppose that is true. But that's a pretty silly way to draw a comparison between two engines. I mean, when has anyone ever seen a 600hp 12000RPM engine in a street car?

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I guess the one thing we could learn from the F1 turbo engines are how they STILL are able to redline well up to 12k? I think MANY M fans would be happy regardless of if a turbo was on our car, if M could make a car revving to 8-9k.

While people taut that they want "an NA" M car, in reality most people want the high-revving engine because it makes them feel like a race driver and that is what many of us seek or enjoy. Cant beat the sound of a high revving engine
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