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Originally Posted by erhanh View Post
I lost interested when Schumi left. I was actually finding it pretty boring even at those times, but just watching to not miss out a legend of our times. I watched like 5-6 races when he came back, but God it was so boring (and Schumi sucked a lot) that I couldn't watch any longer. I might try watching again with the new season.

Engine stuff is one thing, I'm more upset about the stupid fuel requirements (no fuel pit). Also the aerodynamic setups killing the overtakes... So where's the fun?
I was a big Shumi fan as well but man this past season was so exciting between Vettel, Webber and Alonzo. Mercedes GP wasn't good this past season but rumor has it, it will be the team to watch this year. (speeeed maniac) and Alonzo are raw talents with Kubica from Renault as well. So there is plenty of excitement there don't miss out on.
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