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Originally Posted by 94JZA80 View Post
he is correct in that the ZR1 did turn the faster lap time...and i suppose fastest lap is what defines the best performer in this test. how much heed you give to a C&D test i'll leave up to you

...i did not however think i would have to make reference to the fact that we're inherently comparing apples and oranges here. if we could somehow eliminate the ungodly power/torque advantage of the ZR1, or at least reduce it to the point where we could say with some confidence that the power & torque bands aren't the biggest factors attributed to the ZR1's better lap time, then we would be way closer to an apples to apples comparison and, on that level playing field, see if the Vette can make up time in the corners, not just the straights - alas, no such comparison exists, nor ever will because the difference in their power/torque will always be what it is now. and so while i can't say that it was definitely the power/torque advantage and the time it made up on the straights that led to the ZR1's better lap time, nobody can disprove the theory either based on this review, courtesy of C&D's of insufficiently detailed data logging - C&D doesn't give detailed enough data to tell who's going faster on different parts of the track. sure they talk a bit about sector times, but they don't even show a map of the test track (VIR), let alone one broken down into sectors. and even sector times are not specific enough to say outright that one car is better in the corners than another. if you want to assume that the ZR1 is the better performing car based on one lap time on one specific layout of VIR (the largest layout), be my guest. that particular layout may have longer/more numerous straights and wide sweeping turns (and hence favor a car with fat power/torque bands that start at low rpms) than a smaller VIR layout, or just a smaller circuit altogether.

i think that's a bit more accurate. to assume that, because one car outperformed another in one automotive review, it will do the same in all instances is a bit ignorant, don't you think? again, its a C&D review...take it with a grain of salt