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Originally Posted by KGB7 View Post
SSD's are great for anything because of their speed and instant access time. It doesnt matter if its a laptop, a desktop or a server, it doesnt matter how much ram or how fast your CPU is, SSD outperforms HDD every single time by ten fold.

Try opening 10 PDF files with HDD and then open same 10 PDF files with SSD, and you will see huge difference.

From my experience so far, i had great experience with Crucial brand.

And, battery life will be higher with SSD on your tablet, and if you drop the tablet, you dont have to worry about SSD failing.

As with any storage, HDD or SSD, you should always back up your data of your tablet.
Honestly, an SSD is overkill for just trying to do word processing. Or open PDFs.

Intel recently released their update that should solve the Blue Screening issue for their 320 line of SSDs.