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I don't have a sunroof heh, will the headrest arm be far enough away from the passenger?

Edit: looks like it could work
Yup, that's how dbyrd has his camera setup in the video above. Only part of a passenger you would see in the video would be their arm holding the door handle and their legs.
If you use the headrest, be sure to use the driver's side. The weight of the driver dampens vibration. I initially mounted it on the passenger side, and it transfers too much vibration without a passenger.
Got a Hero 9 for Christmas and wanted do something like your setup, but the U-Bolt part is listed as not available until the end of January.
So I got impatient and created a Frankenstein setup with whatever Ram parts we had laying around at work.
Had to machine a less than ideal Delrin headrest clamp though, drill/countersink the camera mount and drill/tap some random Ram hose clamp part.
Immature desperation, but I wanted to start playing with the camera.
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