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Originally Posted by elh0102 View Post
The link you referenced is directing the rear lifting on an E46 M3, whcih has a totally different setup, and includes a jack plate near the differential, but it is not part of the differential. The equivalent would be using the subframe cross member I first described, it is just difficult to reach as it is well above the differential. I lifted by the differential housing itself, which is never an officially recommended lift point, but I have used it on numerous cars without issue.
The BMW recommended jacking point for an E9X M3 is the black casing in front of the differential cooler. It is in their online technical manual. It is the same spot as an E46, but there is no subframe there on an E9X. The rest is the same, it is not a totally different set up. They also specifically tell you not to jack the car up by the cooling fins in the same reference page.

It is a pain to get to, but it can be done with a low profile jack and using planks to raise the rear wheels 2" described in the link.

I found it frustrating that you recommended with a certain amount of authority how to do something you had not actually completed yourself at the time you wrote it. Jacking up cars is not something one guesses at.