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Originally Posted by Kyoshi71 View Post

I recently bought an OTC 2 ton aluminum racing jack. I cant even tell you how great this thing is.

I think it's funny how a thread asking about puting a car on jackstands lasts forever. All the armchair experts out there have a lot of questions

Oh, and to the OP; I dont think it's a good idea to attempt putting your car on to jackstands. It'll probably ruin your clubs.
I bought an aluminum racing jack from HF over 10 years ago for $129, and it's still going strong after heavy use all these years (it's the first model they offered). The products aren't made by HF. Read the reviews. I know somebody who's been using two of the same HF scissor lifts since 2001 with no problems.

I think it's funny how a thread asking for advice can turn into a reason for somebody to insult others.

Oh, and you may *think* whatever you want, but your're wrong. I've put all my cars on jackstands many times with no adverse affect to my clubs (yes, I work on cars AND play golf )
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