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Soniczoom is right, but I'll provide more rationle.

Overall, it's a decent deal for a California car. I would try to knock about $500 off this price for a cash transaction, and if you're financing though them and/or doing a trade, definitely try to knock off a bit more as they're making money off your loan and trade.

If this car was not in CA, I would say about $1k too high for a cash deal. CPO and low mileage is where all the value is on this car, but the CPO is quantifiable. CPO is worth about $3k, brings this car down to $46k with no CPO. (note, adjust this figure by the actual cost of a comparable extended warranty, I'm just doing a estimate based on my memory of warranty price ) Remember, you could have taken the exact same car with no CPO and just buy BMW extended warranty which has substanitally similar terms as the CPO. At the end of the day you should pay at most $45.5k for this car with no CPO/extended warranty, and the dealer would still make AT LEAST about $500 profit off of this price.

Good find, you're almost there, it's time for you to do some homework and math do save about $1000, unless you're very lazy and are willing to give $500-$1000 away. Everyone's different, but we all work hard for our money.

If it was me, I would try to knock at least $500 off this, but if I had to take this price with no counteroffer, b/c someone else will jump on it while you wait, as a cash deal, I could sleep well at night too b/c of the CPO and low mileage. As it stands right now, I estimate the dealer will make about $1500 profit off you just for a cash deal. (and get ready to bend over if you are doing a trade for a car they don't want).

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