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Originally Posted by ERinEC View Post

First time posting,though I've been lurking about like many others have learning what I can about the M3 as for options and such. This will be my first BMW but I've driven a few in the past. Currently I drive a 2000 Audi S4, but have dreamed of owning an M3 since before I could legally drive.

Anyway, I looked at 2011 SGM sedan with fox red leather and the carbon leather trim - car has 10,500 miles on it, and is loaded up with the following: DCT, Comp, Premium, cold weather, M Drive, premium sound, and convenience package.

I was told by the salesman that there was a problem with the engine, and somewhere within the last 2,000 miles it was replaced. I probed for more information, and did see a service history up until approximately 8,500 miles. The salesman indicated that more information could be obtained from service regarding the engine swap, but they were closed at the time.

I would certainly look to get as much info as possible regarding the engine swap before moving forward.
The dealer is asking $62,900 - any input apprecitated on what to offer as a starting point if I choose to make an offer and info regarding other M3s getting an engine swap.
I'm in MD too. That price is too high. To put things in perspective-I paid slightly less than that amount for a brand new 2011 M3 w/all your options except Comp Pkge and Premium sound. The car was custom ordered through NW BMW in July and had it delivered via Performance Center in SC.

Don't let the engine swap scare you-as long as its a warrantied S65 engine installed by're OK. There are some examples of brand new engine failures in this forum engine swap means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Its a 2011 so you should be good for 4yrs/50,000 mile warranty/maintenance.