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Originally Posted by Scoobe View Post
This is the first comparo/review of the Boss where it didn't have a distinct advantage in 1/4 mile and track times. The only performance advantage the M3 has is MDM mode. Traction/tires must have been a huge factor (RS5 didn't do better in a hole shot?), or the track was bumpy and the live axle was struggling. Also isn't it the only 6 speed in the lot? It's the lightest car in the lot, with 2nd most HP. Something isn't adding up. Maybe the guy tracking it kept the RPM's bouncing off the limiter and didn't use the torque. Who knows.

The magazine gives a hint of anti-Boss biased. It starts off talking about the boss and the second sentence is something about dinking the boss for not having the creature comforts. Duh. Then it goes on to talk about the M3 for like 6 paragraphs.

I LOVE my M3 but I'm also a realist. The Boss has an edge in weight and power, some rediculous lateral G that eclipses the M3, and is purpose built for the track. Every magazine that has tracked it has lauded over it. It placed like 4th in the best drivers car. Driving feel, sure, give a nod to the M3.
Every American car mag has loved it, but every mag in the world still hates it. I'm sorry, but there's a lot of bias there, on both sides.

But how fast the Boss is around Laguna Seca... it better be faster there, since it was developed there.