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Sorry to hear about your problems. I know EDC and Power settings are definitely supposed to remembered forever for a single hump M3, but I honestly had no idea Bluetooth Audio streaming was supported without IDrive. That surprises me as I thought the software to do it was part of the whole IDrive hardware package.

FWIW, I've read posts about glitchy behavior similar to yours relating to both IDrive and non-IDrive cars. In other words, spec-ing the car with IDrive isn't going to guarantee you trouble free electro-gadetry in your car.

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Good post. iDrive will also allow you to turn on Bluetooth Audi streaming. In theory, no iDrive maybe needed, but it does not work for me. iDrive will also allow you to set POWER and EDC (NA in your case) settings when the car is first started. Again, in theory no iDrive needed, but again does not work for me.


I am workign with BWM NA on addressing the issues I am having, but I know iDrive would have addressed both of them.
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