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The top detectors include the Valentine 1 (windshield mount), Escort Redline (windshield mount), Beltronics STi-R+ (remote mount), and Escort 9500ci (remote mount). The remote mounts are more expensive and require more effort to install.

Pair this with a laser jammer -- the Laser Interceptor and Blinder HP-905 are two of the best. If you go with LI and decide to install the heads vertically in the front grill then get the BMW edition (which rotates the diodes 90 degrees). Or get the LI HP heads (not to be confused with the HP-905) which are more expensive but have a pair of diodes rotated 90 degrees to each other. Two heads up front will work, but four are better. Make sure that they cover as much area as possible and have them tested by someone with a real lidar unit.

There's a ton of information out there on the Internet. Radardetectorforum dot oh ar jee is a good place to get it.


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