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Originally Posted by Griz View Post
I retyped my response a couple times, because I mean to ask a non-inflammatory question (I do think the V1 is a great unit). Don't you slow down, regardless of whether the cop is behind or in front? At best, I've always viewed the arrows as a nice-to-have; they'll let you know which direction to look out for lights (unless, perhaps it's cop running radar, calling ahead to other patrol vehicles waiting ahead).
I do not slow down just because the RD alerts me. I only slow down if I am at risk of being ticketed for speeding. I actually find the radar detector makes me more aware of my speed and discourages speeding.

Arrows are not a requirement of a radar detector. Though I feel it makes the tool more effective.

The V1 manual is full of useful information. One thing I gleaned from the manual and have experienced is the following scenario:
LEO running radar traveling in the same direction as me. Officer is approaching from behind at an increased rate of speed. The rear arrow illuminates and the signal will be weak while progressively increasing as the officer nears.

I'd encourage those interested in learning about the physical limitations of radar and laser to check out the V1manual.