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Originally Posted by ruff View Post

I have been going through the same scenarios about the M3 vs the Cayman ever since the Cayman first came into being. When the 09 Cayman was revealed, I figure there would be no negatives with DFI, once again, thee car does not exist The DFI carbon build up concerns me. You may have seen my thread on it. DFI is the direction cars are going. It will be interesting to see the toothing problems with this design. Imo, The best design is the ISF. It is the only car I am aware of that combines DFI and port injection. The best of both worlds.

The problem with the 06s - 08s Caymans is a potential for power steering failure and smoke plumes at the track when driven to the limits. Design flaws in placement of the power steering line too close to the engine block and an insufficient oil separator are the culprits. So one must weigh the negatives vs the positives in considering a Gen 1 vs Gen 2 Croc.

The M3, a great all arounder, which made me a believer once again in the benefits of port injection. The S65 is a masterpiece that no true Porsche aficionado can deny. Love the high rev nature. The down side of course is atrocious mileage, especially for such a small displacement motor. Steering and brakes are noticeably weaker in the M3. The extra pork in the M3 is the biggest hindrance along with doo dads and gizmos that not only break, bug, and fail but also detract from the direct connection between man, machine, and the road.
..I own both and they are so different....I enjoy driving both equally but must say the Cayman S is for purists and definitely more track oriented...the M3 on the track though feels much lighter and nimble than it looks...quite an accomplishment by BMW. I am actually quicker on the track on the M3 and I am not sure if because the VAST difference in power, or the fact that I feel a bit more confident in the M3, being a car that doesn't seem to understeer.
Cayman S brakes like no other and is very forgiving in the track, but the nose feels light and pre 09 models do lack torque and the absence of a limited slip dif doesn't help either.
When it comes to the drive being engaging...I must say you dont need to go past 5,500 rpm (like in the M) to feel completely involved in the driving with the Cayman S...
just my humble opinion anyhow...
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