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For frozen paint owners, the first and foremost thing I would advise is to get clear bra. There is matte clear bra for the car and it protects against rock chips etc. Secondly, i would get the front protected vs. the whole car. As for taking care of the paint, i would highly suggest the Swissvax system for rest of the body. You can polish the car but you have to be super careful and not use any wax. There are products designed for the paint and that should be used professionally. Last, I suggest only people who have garage and ways to take care of the car vs. who does not maintain their own car. It's a bit harder than regular paint only because it's new to the market and not all detailers knows the ins and outs. Youtube is great for learning to wash/maintain.

The frozen colors are amazing in person, initally i did not like it but now i am hooked.