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Originally Posted by KGB7 View Post
I dont even know who they are or where you got those quotes from.

Thinking that you CAN repay, is not same thing as KNOWING that you CAN repay. And Federal Govnt cant repay squat right now or for another 10 years. Because they are not doing anything to stop all the extreme spending. And there is not enough income to bring us back form debt.

Have you seen this? Its just going and going and going down the hole of dept.

Raising the the limit will put this country in to more debt. If we raise it some more, then we will go in to more debt. To the point where the economy and this country will collapse, and any other country with enough cash will simply buy us out.
The quotes are important because they are true. You don't think they are? You think those who said them are wrong? Misguided? Misinformed? What?
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