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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
Ron Paul. You practically hump his leg all the way across the entire Politics/Religion forum. You even genuflect to him right here in this thread.

Are you aware that he is a Republican?

After decades of voting shitty "lesser of two evils" Republicans into office, and getting crappy results, why repeat yourself?

My age and votes are none of your fucking business. Stop phishing.
A Libertarian by any other name is still a Libertarian. A socialist by any other name is still a socialist.

I do not expect to vote for Ron Paul in any general election (I don't expect to see him on the ballot), and he will not likely be on the ballot for the primaries in my state. And even if Ron Paul appeared on the Republican primary ballot, we may have a closed primary by then. I will not register with the Republican party, so in that situation I would not be able to vote for Ron Paul. Chances are good that I will vote for a Constitution Party, or Libertarian Party candidate at the time of any actual votes.

It just happened I got to vote for the Constitution Party candidate in both votes 2-1/2 and 3 years ago, and he was endorsed by Ron Paul in the general election. Though Ron Paul is running as Republican, he is as close to Libertarian as there is in U.S. government.

Picture this. If I am a leg humper for Ron Paul, what do you do for Obama? Practically the only posts I see by you are attempts to protect Obama as if he were your god or yourself.