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Originally Posted by LarThaL View Post
I have had about 4 hours behind the wheel of a GTR. In fact I drove it 3 times before choosing my M3 over it. Not questioning its performance capabilities at all, but some people are not just looking for the fastest car around a track.

I don't share this "clinical" or "sterile" view. I was merely pointing out what others have said. I don't feel this way about the Nissan, or the Porsche.

The are things that kept me from getting a GTR were:

1. Looks are so-so to my eyes. By comparison, I LOVE the looks of the M3.
2. Ride is too harsh for my needs.
3. Interior design looks very piecemeal and not cleanly thought out
4. Interior materials are cheap. Too bad you can't get the Egoist Edition in the U.S.
5. The noises are most unpleasant, from the clunking of the transmission to the excessive whirring from the turbos.

That said, if I had the million dollar bet that you speak of, then yes, I would certainly take a GTR over my M3 or any 911 except the turbo S.
Your logical, data-driven comments are highly appreciated. All your points are subjective and what is shit to one person can be gold to the next. One thing I disagree with and I think majority of BMW owners will be on my side, and that is the GT-R has real cup holders instead of that crappy thing that stick out at the passenger's knee and cause drinks to spill if your passenger should be so careless and hit it with a drink in it. That is not good interior design. I took my 70 year-old mother for a ride in my GT-R and one comment she made was, "this car makes feel safer to go fast in than the BMW".