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Originally Posted by username11 View Post
I'm not sure it's worth debating personal taste. There are few people large enough to pull off a Luminor. On most, it looks like a boat anchor and larger than their arm. The opposite of subtle and therefore the opposite of elegance. You have to get your shirts made with an inch bigger left cuff.

So to me, I associate Panerai with Ed Hardy shirts, blowouts, and this guy:

Maybe it's my proximity to NJ..

As for COSC certifications, do professionals actually use professionally-branded watches for professional purposes? I think it's all advertising. Never seen a pilot with a Breitling, never seen a diver with a Panerai. Usually they are using something far more functional, accurate, and cheap. I have this:
I love this forum, watches and M3s...I'll try to bring them all together in my post.

I don't think you can call out Panerai without calling out many other high end brands regarding size. Railmaster XXL, ever see anybody wearing that thing? or the new massive date-just? Zenith has some massive watches too...I think all brands are guilty in one way or another. Your post is like the people who hate Dave Matthews, because you hate the fans...really, Panerai makes some nice looking watches, do d-bags wear Panerai..maybe...

Being a watch snob, is very much like being a car snob. But to me, you don't go around telling people their wives are ugly or their car is garbage, let people enjoy what they want.

I enjoy when other people like things that I don't like, it makes the things I like more unique, if everyone wore an IWC, would IWC really be as special?