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Originally Posted by TampaBlueE90 View Post
Yea, most of the watches I have purchased for a reasonable but not huge discount of msrp have either retained full/gained a small amount of value in the time I've owned them. A large part of this is due to watch manufacturers regular price increases/and maybe a small part of inflation. I kind of feel like they are a little bit of a guard to currency fluctuations too. To me having a watch that you can enjoy/protect against inflation is better than having cash sitting around if you are doing nothing with it. I guess "investment" is one of those words though that can mean a lot of things.

I also like to find ways to justify my purchases hah.
Word. Most manufacturers in the 2011 year have had about 2-3 price increases. Inflation is definitely not a cause for this in such a short term. All gold pieces are affected by the illogical rapid rise in gold price per oz but all high end watches are skyrocketing in the US due to the rapid weakening of the USD to the CHF. I remember when I was in Geneva in 2009, you could basically estimate that one USD was equal to 1 CHF (if I remember correctly, 1 CHF was worth even less than 1 USD). Now today, 1 USD equals .904 CHF.