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Dyno Run 2008 E90 AW M3 6 Speed

Hi Everyone, thanks to Pencil Geek for telling me where to find the tach signal pickup... worked like a charm!

I have a 2008 E90 AW M3 6 speed, All Stock, with the exception of a Macht/Schnell Drop In air Filter & RPI Scoops (however my dyno's fan barely can keep the car cool... so no RPI Simulation 55MPH winds here!)

Based on what most have been making, and Arizona's CRAP Gas... I was hoping for 340 RWHP...

Dyno sheet is attached... but spoiler is... we hit it dead nuts... at almost 341RWHP & 248 RWTQ! This is on Shell 91 Pump Gas.

Up & coming mods, are ECU Tuning (haven't completely settled on 1 yet)... and Riss Racing Axle Back exhaust (if it ever ships).

Thanks to the guys at Xtreme Performance in Tempe, AZ who did the Dyno Runs for me. (All runs were done in 4th gear...and it was unfortunately a record hot day for us here!)
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