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mini review of the smartycam hd gp bullet cam

Thought I'd post up a quick mini review of the smartycam hd gp camera I got from Richard @ M-World (Thanks Richard!).

The bullet cam and control unit themselves are solid metal and extremely durable and well built. Easy to install in my car. The harness *finally* comes with an integrated mic. I split the mic part of the cable and extended the harness so I can run the mic all the way back to my exhaust. Its a bit of a hack job but it worked. Video quality is pretty great, sound is awesome and telemetry/setup is easy. Love this cam and I finally have an integrated camera/telemetry solution that I really like and basically *just works* everytime without fiddling with any settings.

here's a session I did at the Ridge this Friday. not my fastest laps that day but you get the idea..

In the video you can see the control unit mounted on the right side of my head-unit. Also note for those wondering about my brake pressure - that because sadly the Z06 doesn't send brake pressure data, only throttle pos. The Smartycam HDGP is connected to my Evo4 data logger and MXL dash!