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Track! (AiM Solo DL + 2 Contours + RaceRender2)

I've only been to the track a couple of times (and not at all in about 2 years) so I decided to give it a serious go this season. Day 1 was fun and I moved from D to C but I have a lot of room to improve. To that end I put together a data logging setup that enables me to critique all the things I am doing wrong (and occasionally the things I am doing right). Since there seems to be a bunch of talk about the AiM Solo on the forum I thought I'd share my output of what's possible via data visualization enabled by RaceRender 2 (there's much more possible through the analysis software that's included- Race Studio 2). Remeber, I am basically a novice so this is very, very doable for anyone who wants it:

(this was my second session which was not my best, but was the only one where my in-car Contour captured the whole session)

(this was my fastest lap which happened in my third session)

I really like the setup. The hardest part of RaceRender 2 is synchronizing the data, but after doing it a few times I've found it becomes straightforward.

Obviously sound is still an issue. I'll get that worked out eventually.

Special thanks to Richard at M-World for the AiM setup and for answering a bunch of my questions. The harness he provides makes it trivially simple to gain ECU/CAN connectivity!

You can get RaceRender here:

Setup wasn't cheap, but given how much it would cost a few years ago it's pretty amazing.
ContourROAM (roof): 176
Contour+ (in car): 416
AiM Solo DL with ECU harness and mount: 849
RaceRender 2: 35
(+ you'll probably need some mounts and microSD cards)

Hope to see some of you out there. Looking forward to the rest of the season!

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