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Originally Posted by RickyBobby View Post
James, you've alluded that this kit really doesn't need camber plates from a performance & tire wear standpoint. Care to elaborate? Does the car have a steep enough camber curve to the point where you are saying no extra camber is needed, even from an ultimate grip / lap time perspective?
EXACTLY!!! This is a tough situation. You don't NEED a camber plate, but everyone has it so ingrained that they are a must-have, that they...must-have! So I can say until I am blue in the face that if you want a street plate, save yourself the hassle and run the stock mounts that the kit was designed for, but no one is a believer.

Yes, no camber plates are needed. The pictures below are my tires after 3 track weekends, running about 4-5 heavy sessions each. I was pushing the car hard and we were taking both temps and pressures. The measurements said the camber was right, the lack of rollover over the outside shoulder says the camber is right, and the even wear (look at the wear bars and dimples - the NT-01 have a little bit different tread pattern with varying depths) also indicates proper camber. But I can guarantee that I will still have to sell them with camber plates because other systems on the market need them to be optimized...
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