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Originally Posted by attila View Post
A few things after the first track day with the stock e92 M3 6MT.

First of all, I am not one of the forum members who would not lay any criticism on a BMW. And earlier I was afraid that the M3 will not deliver as much as I hoped for and would turn out more of a poser than the real thing.
Well, I could not be happier after the first track day!! The difference between my chipped Audi A4 and the M3 is HUGE. Those of you who did not take the car to the track really should. The M3 is way better on the track than on the road. It is really made for the track, at least way more than for everyday commuting.
I dont want to get into too much details but here are a few observation.
1. Tires and breaks are the main limiting factor on the track. On Mid-America Motorplex circuit power was none issue.
So will change pads, break fluids, and get R-rated tires.
2. Car was running hot. On street the temp gauge is always in the middle or below at 200-210F on track 250F. (lots of slow corners in 2 and 3 gear with high (over 7000 rpm) Maybe my car is just too new having only 1500miles.
I will continue!!
Any thought on engine temp??
Your temps are normal as I run 125c on an 28c day.Nothing to worry about.