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Originally Posted by Rob_K View Post
Again, his bidding/selling history is 100% meaningless. It's true the dealer tried to back out of the deal claiming "mistake" but that's pretty much the end of the story. Ken has nothing at stake in any of this. Period.
That depends on perception. Considering the ebay model is based on the giving and receipt of feedback as a measure of transaction experience, and to build user reputation within said model, and considering both parties chosen use of such model to conduct business, then his bidding/selling history has 100% meaning as an ebay guage to his reputation and ability.

Considering the amount of time, energy, expense and aggravation Ken may experienced, coupled with the potential loss of trust and faith in a well-used system of purchase and the like, I'd venture to guess that Ken has much more at stake than you or I. That's my personal take on what has transpired to-date.

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