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Originally Posted by ruck_king View Post
I just cut about 6 inches from each corner of the crash bar. I'll be test fitting again tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes. Have you installed your bumper yet? What are you planning to do with the air ducts? I'm adding a honeycomb style mesh right behind it.
The body shop I'm dealing with won't cut the crash bar. Due to it being an insurance claim. They said it will work but it will take 3 people to fit the bumper on without cutting. They said it's really really tight. They advised if they get the bumper on and they finish the claim that I should go ahead and remove the bumper and cut the crash bar 6 inches from each side myself or get a 3rd party to do it. They said it will effect their shop license if they did the cutting of the crash bar.

Take some photos and post or pm me and let me know how that test fit worked out. I don't want to remove my bumper then have a hard time putting it back on.