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Maybe should be a continuation of the good thread posted by ruff on this exact topic here.

My thoughts back then were. (amazingly like the long drawn out IS-F thread in a way...)

Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
I agree with T Bone. It does seem like "under 7:35" with "more than 450 hp" (heck even close to 500) and around 3500 lbs (=~1590 kg - which is the best guess rumors/estimates I have seen) is inconsistent. Everything under 7:40 is pretty much >=500 hp and <=1500kg.

The P-C-GT is 612 hp and 3043 lb. That is sick, sick, sick (although many accounts list it weighing in closer to 3250 lb - perhaps famous P under quoting of weight...). Unless Nissan has discovered something magic about AWD that Porsche (and everybody else) knows nothing about from their extensive racing experience and heritage I am suspicious.

If the time is true then either the best guess/rumor of power or weight or both figures are off quite a bit. But damn under 7:35 is REALLY SICK.