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Originally Posted by aka_phox View Post
Bought the 1M Style Bumper from LTBMW

The the ducts that came with the bumper is either MISSING the top half or needs modification.
I say it maybe missing the top half is because as you can see, there are tabs on the end that indicate to me that something clamps to it.

The problem is that the ducts channel air up to the air filter on our original ducts....
BUT on the 1M ducts is only "HALF" of our original duct...

Do i need to cut the top half off the original duct and mold it to the 1M duct or what?

i appreciate it if THE TECH could chime in or ANYONE with this bumper installed could guide me

see pics

pic#1 1M duct temp installed looking at the bumper

pic#2 The tabs of the 1M duct

pic#3 1M duct temp installed

pic#4 looking from behind the bumper. the problem is the duct does not channel air up (missing something?)

pic#5 Original M3 duct

pic#6 1M duct (left) and original duct (right) side by side

pic#7 1M duct (left) and original duct (right) side by side
You wouldn't happen to know the part numbers for the two ducts you purchased would you? One of my ducts was cut too much so I would like to replace it.

Here's mine:


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