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Originally Posted by ddk632 View Post
Lambo shot is nice, not bad at all for self described "amateur" shots. You've got the eye just - like all of us - practice is what it takes. Go out shooting.

The absolute must read in my opinion is Understanding Exposure by Brian Peterson. Read that book and you'll start to get off of auto mode.

Btw nothing at all wrong with a T2i, Rebels are great cameras!
This. Get the Kindle version for less if you have a Kindle or iPad or other tablet.

There's a saying in the literature field that "First you read, then you write." It goes for photography, too. Check out POTN ( and browse through some of the forums like landscapes or transportation. The lens sample forums are also very good. After a while you'll learn who the really good photographers are (like David who responded above) and then you can check out their Flickr pages. Even here check out the Snapshot of the Day thread and look at DC's images or Itsed's or IRide's or Weebl's or the other folks who post here. You'll begin to understand how others compose their images and then you can try to emulate them. In no time you'll develop your own style without even realizing it.

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