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Originally Posted by The1 View Post
when someone can't quite fit what they want in the crop, so they zoom out a tiny bit, or make a custom zoom number.

you know how in photoshop you get the little number down in the bottom left corner that has a % sign, click on it, then type 50% and you'll see what the picture looks like at 50% type in 98% and you'll see your 98% crop. So when you actually crop the image where you choose, it's still not at 100% full original file size. and you're getting a 50 or 98% crop.

wonder where i saw that price listed then..... I'll have a look around and see if i can find where i saw that.
Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
It's been answered, but one or two of the answers were confusing. When you're editing with PS, LR, DxO, Elements or whatever, select a 50% view and the viewer will zoom in on the image. The size of the image on your screen will be determined by the resolution of your screen in pixels. So, if the image is 5000x3000 pixels and the longest full screen view of your screen is 1000 pixels, then you can only see the whole image in a 20% view. If you look at the image in a 100% view, then you'll only see 20% of its pixels on its longest edge. You'll have to scroll 5-screens to see the whole image. If your image size is 1000x800, then it would fill the longest side of a screen with resolution of 1000-pixels.

Anyway, the 25%, 50%, 100%, etc. is telling you pixel-to-pixel ratio of the actual image to the screen. At 100% a pixel in the file takes up one pixel on the screen. You're showing the image actual size.

I personally calculate my degree of crop by looking at the file size before and after crop. If it's 5000x3000 before crop and ends up 2500x1500 after crop, then I'll say that's a 50% crop. However, using that logic a 98% crop would only be 100x60 pixels, which is not what most people mean. When you say 100% crop and the screen ratio is the same as in my example above, the image size will end up 1000x600, which I might describe as an 80% crop, when others are taking into account their screen resolution and calling it a 100% crop.

Confused yet?
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