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Originally Posted by warp10
Originally Posted by M3 Number 86 View Post
your setup looks hard AF! real nice. loving the buttons as well. Are those replacing all your oem buttons (or select ones)?
Running the AIM data unit (bottom 4), diff cooler, cool shirt, and flash to pass. 1 button left over.

They can run anything. That's the beauty.
I'm actually thinking of doing the same setup as you. I drive manual though so don't need the paddles. So you're saying I can have the oem buttons:

Volume up/down
Voice control/phone (never use these I can save for cool suit later)
Track up/down
Mdm (seems like mdm isn't as easy as the other controls?)
Audio output
(Seems silly but badass factor is up there!)

Pretty much just need the up down buttons on both sides and the mdm button. For the mdm button is there something different vs the other buttons that you had to keep a loop to constantly tell the car that it's on? Or was that the solution you were looking for? I'll check your other thread in CSS you wrote it up there.