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Originally Posted by sharp1183
The film looks really interesting. We were talking about this in another thread. I agree that the climate seems to be changing for the worse, but I'm still not fully convinced this is all a man-made problem.

I have nothing against Gore...I like him even though I'm a republican. But aren't there also rumors that he will be running for president again in 2008? If this film is a political move, it's very clever.

All americans are proud of our troops in Iraq, but news reports daily are very dismal. Maybe Gore et al are trying to shift gears into using better and cleaner energy. I think Bush and his administration is doing a terrible job in the energy/energy research department.

I would welcome fresh ideas in the white house because I really disapprove of bush right now. I voted for him twice and I never thought I'd say that, but I do.

We need clean fuels NOW and the younger generation knows this. It seems that Gore might be trying to appeal to younger voters and it just might work!
There's a movie that's playing as a double feature along with the aforementioned movie titled, "Who killed the electric car?"