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Originally Posted by glennQNYC View Post
No need for tax returns to dispel your skepticism.

Trump has filed the required financial disclosure documents ever since he formally became a candidate. Actually you might recall all the know-nothings quite confidently stating that Trump wouldn't ever run for office because they were so sure he wouldn't disclose his finances. Well, obviously he did; and has filed these since. How did you miss that?

I'll save you the "trump financial disclosure" search engine keystrokes and provide a nice easy-to-read link. Enjoy.

Edit: I erroneously understated President Trump's personal income in an earlier post. You'll notice in the provided link that he made $600-650 million from Jan 2016 through mid-April 2017. That works out to ~$40 million dollars a month, or perhaps ~$10 million dollars a week. That is a nice paycheck!

Think about this fact the next time someone (like Michelle Wolf) foolishly says President Trump is broke. If I could only be so broke!
The fact that this man has endured multiple bankruptcies leaves him wide open to subversive elements that offer pay to play, and that is exactly what has happened. The CEO of the country cannot indulge in financial dealings that do not benefit the country-his own situation must be remote from any dealings. The way to establish a baseline of judging this is his tax returns.