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Originally Posted by karussell View Post
find an empty road. drive on left side and see if the car tends to pull left or tracks straight. it will confirm your alignment. pull left then you are just a little over sensitive to the car. honestly i think they all follow the curve of the road to some extent. if it tracks straight, then there is an alignment issue. what you want is a print out of the toe setting. better yet, go to Westend Alignment in Gardena. ask for Darin (owner). He is best in the business. old school. if it still pulls one way or the other, he will redo the alignment until its perfect.
I don't have much to add accept that I've done about everything possible without resolution. After 3 alignment shops, the best BMW mechanic in town, and 2 tire shops shrugged their shoulders, I just gave up.

Love everything about this car, accept for that.

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