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Originally Posted by Smokescreen View Post
Hey Guys- Looking to see if anyone is using the new Ohlins setup primarily for street use. I used to have a Stasis Ohlins setup on an Audi RS4 and it was much better on choppy beat up roads then the stock setup. Also, faired well on the track. That would be perfect if the R/T setup is somewhat similar for the M3.

Ohlins R&T will have more compliance than OE, but with a lot more control. There should be at least 6-8 guys with them on their 1M or M3, but not all are forum posters.

Originally Posted by AxisMagi View Post
I've had one issue with install that I'm still trying to sort out.
After hitting a pothole a clunking sound started on drivers front when
weight shifts. Vorshlag folks said its a typical problem that the top
nut isn't tight enough and needs impact gun using pulsing method
to get it down, or possibly it's the end links. (edit2: the clunk is back)
Top nut is where I would check first as well.

Double check your sway bar endlinks, make sure all 4 nuts are tight, and some loctite will ensure they don't come loose again.

How hard did you hit the pothole? Sometimes the camber plate bearing can get damaged if the impact is severe enough.